Meet Steven

Today we launched Steven - an app that shares your favorite locations as Emoji icons. Pushd inc. has been fascinated by the future of location context. 

We carry around powerful technology, with sensors and processors waiting to work for us. Almost 99% of the apps we use still require manual input to accomplish anything. 

We want that to change in the future. Our team has been dreaming up ways to make our phones do things for us, automatically and we’re happy to share our first vision of that with you today — Steven, Your Emoji Life.

Steven works by updating your current status as an emoji icon, using auto location technology. The automatic nature of Steven makes it a great way to see what your friends are up to - without having to share exact location. 

We think of Steven as a status dashboard that is always up to date. At a glance, you can see what and where your closest friends, family, colleagues are doing throughout the day, in non-invasive, fun emoticons.

So when you’re at the library your status is image. When you’re getting pizza image. When you get home image — you get the idea. The more you use Steven the better it gets to know your locations, your habits, your work etc.

Add photos to tell more about your day — and enjoy our unique scrub feature to quickly see friends photos.

We’ve got lots of stuff in the works for Steven — and we can’t wait to hear what you think. Feel free to share any of your thoughts to

Thanks for trying out Steven!

Get Steven in the App Store today!

- The team at pushd (Abdur, Ej, Ben, Tyler, Matt, Ian & Andy)


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